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Milagrobeauty Oil 30ml

Milagrobeauty Oil 30ml

(26 customer reviews)


MILAGRO BEAUTY OIL is a MIRACULOUS product infused with 24k real gold leaves and added anti-aging benefits.


Gold not only gives a beautiful, glowing and youthful skin but it also slows down the collagen depletion,

Increases skin’s elasticity,

Lightens the skin’s complexion,

Stimulates the cells making the skin firm,

Improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging,

Moisturiser for all skin types,

 For wrinkles & tanning.


26 reviews for Milagrobeauty Oil 30ml

  1. smitha

    Hiiii.I loved milagro oil is amazing product..The texture is so beautiful!! loving it to the bits!!! Thank you ❤️

  2. Kanishkha (verified owner)

    Milagro quick absorbs leaving skin hydrated and luminous 💕Fragrance so refreshing best primer thanks milagro ❤️

  3. Aishwarya (verified owner)

    Milagro quickly absorbs leaving skin hydrated and luminous 💕 best as primer fragrance so refreshing thanks milagro ❤️

  4. Lavanya Rao

    Really a miracle oil it has been for me. Ever since I’ve started using this oil, I have not been in requirement of any extra make-up now have I had the problem of acne or scars. And my skin is softer than ever. Also works well with a good CC cream for special occasion. And the best part is that it makes my skin shine for the entire day. Best product I have ever used. Love milagro.. love miracles.. 😍

  5. Kareena

    Milagro does Miracles as it’s slogan says. It’s a must buy. It not only hydrates but nourishes skin leaving it soft and glowing like those gold particles present in it! And gives natural highlight to skin💫….When used with foundation or under makeup , gives flawless , non-patchy base😊. My skin is sensitive and I wanted something which makes my skin look more healthy than it is, as I have combination skin I use it almost everyday. it has worked well on my skin. If u have oily or combination skin , don’t use more than 2 drops otherwise it may give rise to pimples after all it’s kind of oil and our face already has loads of oil recreating . Using it in appropriate quantity will work well on ur skin . It’s 4.5/5👍 thumbs up & recommended .👌

  6. Charu Rajput

    This oil is really amazing. I’ve started to get compliments already. I am already addicted to it and restored another bottle before I run out it. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone out there.

  7. Grusha Sahani

    I m heart fully thankful to uh for sending me a bottle of magic. honestly I’ve never used anything on my face because of acne bt dis product has has given me different glow plus my acnes r also nt dat much visible. Thank you so much for sending me happiness. In love with this product n now of my skin. Special thanks to uh Gonna order one more soon.

  8. Zeba Khan

    I’m in love with the oil its just awesome. The smell is too good and the texture of the oil is amazing. My skin feels so soft and glowing. I have a combination skin mostly after using face oils my skin gets oily after sometime but this oil felt so nice on my skin after 1st use only. I m truly in love with this one.

  9. S J Bhambra

    Thank you so much for the Milagro Oil its beyond expectations… I am a person who doesn’t go for anything to apply on face but from the day I started using Milagro Oil it has done magic to my skin the natural glow that I get is superb. Thank you so much.

  10. Shagun Khanna

    I just loved your oil. So good so amazing results. Seriously I applied it before my makeup in the morning and till now my facing is glowing. Thank you so much for this product. I’m gonna order it again.

  11. Chhavi Kumar

    I haven’t apply any moisturiser or primer. Just Milagro Beauty Pure Essential Oil and little bit concealer. I was not able to stop myself from sharing this with you all as it is seriously worth it !! Thank you @Milagro Beauty. I can’t get over this natural glow.

  12. Upasna

    Just wanted to share my experience with Milagro Oil. I got it in the goody bag from Amrit Kaur Masterclass. Its been just a few days and my skin has improved tremendously in texture and looks hydrated.

  13. Sakhi Kaur

    Hi babe! I just received the products. I m a huge milagro fan!!! Its like I felt my skin routine is only completed after using milagro. Loads of love.

  14. Shubhangi

    1st thing m not a makeup artist nor a beauty blogger, but there is something that is bothering me to write this review and that is “Milagro Beauty’s Pure Essential Oil”. I was having a tired face and no glow when I applied this beautiful product with Real gold Extracts and “wow”, my face glowing with just a drop of it. Now I wouldn’t have believed unless I saw the same. Those real gold extracts are visible through the naked eyes. Best thing is it can be used both both before or after makeup foe a dewy hydrated look. For its ingredients it contains Vitamins E and lots of Healthy Oil. This one is the great product.

  15. Surbhi Jain

    Hi Nikita
    Really want to thank you for launching your milagro collection. Using the oil n hydrogel and it’s the best thing I have ever done to my face!! This sunblock is so amazing so soothing, I feel like applying it again n again! Thank you so much 😍😍😍 I hope you launch many more products like these 💕😘

  16. Riya Kalra

    Hey dear
    got essential oil 2 days back Nd I had started using same day as I had to attend party Nd it was miracle everyone complimented me as I got even tone before applying foundation with glow Nd am loving it❤️

  17. Nidhi

    Hi, I just want to thank you a loadssss ❤️
    Received my parcel today and already in love with the products 🙈🤗
    First use on my skin and I can see the gloe and radiance. On the first use, I felt my skin breathing! Thank you so much for such a revolutionary gift to the skincare regime of girls like me 😊💕

  18. Tabasum

    Hai received milagro pure essential oil… I’m obsessed with sunblocker gel and pure essential oil… It’s perfect combination and gives natural and matte finish look when used together…I would highly recommend this products,its worth it… Thank u Soo much for getting this miracle products to us… Just loving it

  19. Megha Gulati

    Hey i got it 😍 Smells amazing ❤️ And i must say very fast delivery
    Thank you 😊

  20. Archana astraia

    Thank you again for the awesome product. Just loved it.
    1) very nice fragrance
    2) light … doesn’t feel oily or greasy on applying.
    3) gets absorbed instantly.
    4) gives a nice sheen to the skin
    5)spreads smoothly.. I require just 3 drops for the entire face.
    6) works good even in this summer heat… no perspiration.
    Will be ordering again very soon. 😊

  21. Radhika Khurana

    Hey must say its an amazing product ! So much of glow with just 2 drops of oil. Thankyou soo much for such an early delivery!

  22. Fatima Kazi

    First of thankyou sooo very much for giving us this miracle oil😍😍 its worth buying!!❤️ It has been only one day that I’ve used the product and people started complimenting me “You’re glowing” and it felt sooo good all thanks to you❤️❤️ The skin feels so soft and hydrated and the fragrance of the oil is beyond anything😍😍
    I’ll surely recommend this oil to my close friend as well❤️

  23. Tiji Mathews

    Thank you for introducing me to this !!!
    It works amazing
    And smells amazing 😉
    Will shop from you more

  24. Tiji Mathews

    Thank you for introducing me to this !!!
    It works amazing
    And smells so amazing 😉
    Will shop from you more

  25. Param

    God the fragrance is soooooo seductive 😛😛😛😂😂😂😂😂
    Just loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Ashima Jaiswal

    I love you guys… your product is amazing. I can’t express in words. Just few drops of milagro oil n you are done 😍😍😍😍. Alwys happy to share my feedback with you.

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