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Milagro – Under Eye Essential Oil – 10 ml

Milagro – Under Eye Essential Oil – 10 ml

(7 customer reviews)


Milagro beauty under eye essential oil with 24 K pure gold leaves, removes any signs of ageing to reveal your natural bright eyes.
  • Real gold for a mesmerizing glow
  • Clears out pigmentation, dark circles, and blemishes
  • Fights effects of stress and restores radiance
  • Helps in toning and firming the skin around the eyes
  • Mitigates fine lines and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  • Specially formulated to suit all skin types

The 8 Miraculous Ingredients

Cucumber: Contains many nutritional benefits with hydrating properties. Vitamin A, C, and K with calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Helps in delay aging, fine lines, and anti-wrinkle. It also has the property decreasing the puffiness under the eyes.
Almond oil: Rich in vitamin A, D, E, and K, can keep the delicate skin under the eyes smooth without irritating it, lightens the dark circles under your eyes and puffiness.
Lavender oil: Rich in vitamin A and E which boost blood circulation, boost the healing process of the damaged skin cells, skin tone and evens the skin complexion.
Geranium- Reduces puffiness, delay aging, reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
Chamomile is full of vitamin A  with mineral in small amounts calcium, magnesium, and potassium which boost blood circulation, decrease puffiness under the eyes, softens under eyes skin, mitigates fine lines, evens skin tone, lightens dark circles under your eyes and tired skin.
Sandalwood: Moisturize, hydrate skin and in a wonderful addition in your anti-aging, fine lines, under eye dark circles and anti-wrinkle.
Carrot seed oil is rich in vitamin A, B6, E, and K with potassium as a mineral which is a cell rejuvenating compound prevent under eye dark circles, fine lines, anti-wrinkle, dehydrated skin, evens the complexion of skin under the eye and reduce the swelling or puffiness under the eyes.   
Nutmeg oil rejuvenates the delicate area under and around the eyes, lighten the dark circles, evens the tone complexion around the eyes, softens the skin around the eyes and decreases the puffiness under the eyes and fresh n up the tired skin.


7 reviews for Milagro – Under Eye Essential Oil – 10 ml

  1. Ashima Jaswal

    Amazing product, it actually lighten my darkcircles. I used many products but it didn’t worked at all. I received this product on the same day of order placing. I will use this product for lifetime. Thank you much for such nice product

  2. Kirtee

    So I have been using this under eye essential oil by Milagro Beauty since a week now and honestly, I’m in love. I use this every night before going to bed and it has such an impact. It smells great, keeps my under eye nourished and the best part is I don’t wake up with puffy under eye Our under eyes are very sensitive and its important to give them extra care.

  3. Samita Setia

    Hi… Got the parcel today… Just tried milagro essential oil…
    Its giving tremendous glow on first application only… looking forward to have beautiful skin… Thanks for fast delivery with good condition of the product…

  4. Pooja Asri

    Hey I just want to say thanx to u for ur amazing milagro under roll on oil and ur sunblock my 13 year old daughter is also using it and her skin has improved a lot.

  5. Khayati Dhingra

    Thank you for the amazing hydrogel sunblocker. Totally in love with this. Such an amazing fragrance and so soft texture. m sure underlie will be awsm as well. Thank you

  6. Dr. Swati Garg

    Been using this for a month really improving the texture under my skin. Undereye oil is my fav like I could drink it if I could. So easy to apply and smell so good.

  7. Garima Johar

    I’ve used milagro undereye oil for 3 days and I can see a significant change in my eyes 😍 my dark circles have reduced to a great extent, I already knew that the oil will work cuz I trust you and the products you sale but I never knew this would work this fast 😍 thank you so much for this 💖

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