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Milagro Body lotion 100 ml


Milagro Body lotion 100 ml

(10 customer reviews)


A miraculous blend of skin-friendly herbs and natural butter enriched with natural vitamins and minerals.
Multi-action body lotion with a mixture of precious ingredients such as saffron, almond, and chironji, etc.
. Excellent Moisturizer
. Rich in anti-oxidants
. care and cure for skin dryness
. Softens and smooths the skin
. Effectively reduce scars and stretch mark
. Excellent emollient that helps skin cells regeneration


10 reviews for Milagro Body lotion 100 ml

  1. preeti

    hey, I Just wanted to share the review for the lotion.
    Don’t know where to start. It is a product with which I think everyone should go. The fragrance its heaven not too hard and not too light. It stays the whole day after washing the hands as well. It is more like a body perfume. People asked me what perfume I applied but it was actually the lotion on my hands. Even the texture is amazing. Feels like nothing is applied and everything is super soft. It’s my winter essential now. Thank you for launching this.

  2. Shefali Mendirtta

    Such an amazing packaging and in love with the fragance and coverage is really good. I love this product.

  3. Megha

    I can’t thank you enough for making such fabulous organic products. lemme start with the Milagro facial oil..I use it is so many ways ..I mix it with my foundation to give me a smooth dewy finish or either on my chapped lips or simply as a moisturizer is just woww…

  4. Rubina

    Milagro beauty lotion is amazing, what a smell. I will purchase again and again thank you milagro.

  5. Sneha

    Milagro is fabulous and please continue making such awesome products the holy trinity which includes milagro sun block facial oil and toner is a must for every girl who loves to have flawless skin …

  6. Mona

    I absolutely believe in you and milagro ..the magical toner has a refreshing fragrance that lingers on and its impact is fantastic.. perfect for my oily skin and milagro sunblock is now my essential… I use it as my face primer and my daily moisturizer…

  7. Mona

    the magical toner has a refreshing fragrance that lingers on and its impact is fantastic..

  8. Tanya Sharma

    I just want to share the feedback of the body lotion its just amazing as your other products. The Fragrance of the products was so refreshing.

  9. Tanya Sharma

    The Fragrance of the products was so refreshing.

  10. Drishti

    Hye I received it yesterday and I have tried it… It smells amazing and my face feels so hydrated, honestly… I didn’t expect this in a single-use. thank you……

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