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The fragrance of valleys. The whiff of mountains. The freshness of gardens. Let your skin savour the purity of nature that is Milagro Beauty Essentials, for every drop of this marvel is free of any artificial additives, chemicals or synthetic fragrance. Discover the goodness that is 100% natural.

Real 24 K Gold Leaves

The secret of beauty that has stood the test of time, to give you the glow that is worth its weight in gold.

Rich in Multi Vitamins

Packed with all the essential nutrients to cleanse, condition and nourish the skin

Chemical & Cruelty Free

Responsibly sourced, conscientiously tested and in harmony with nature


Milagro Under Eye Essential Oil

No more dark circles or puffiness. Only eyes that sparkle

Milagro Rejuvenating Oil

Restore skin vitality and bring back the luster

Milagro Beauty Oil

Daily nourishment for a naturally glowing skin